What is the right time to approach an Interior Designer?

If you are looking to furnish your house, you will with this question in your mind: what is the most correct time to appoint an interior designer.

Usually, people follow a sequential thought process. The sequence goes as below:

· Buying a property
· Getting the possession
· Completing the formalities

· Appointing an interior designer 2-3 months prior to moving-in
, What is the right time to approach an Interior Designer?
But as interior designers, we can say that the ideal time should be during the planning stage i.e. before the actual construction of the building (before brick work). Example: consider creating the door and window openings as per desired layout of the bed, wardrobe and the chairs rather than trying to ill –fit the bed in an existing small bed room with fixed movement areas. An interior designer will come up with your desired layout considering you requirements.

This will additionally save upon money involved in making civil changes at later date. Interior designer will also suggest you in selecting the floor tiles, sanitary fittings, electric work and similar items based on the layout and designs.

So, it’s better to bring in the designer for the very first stages of space planning and design concept.

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