High End Interiors

High End Interiors

High end Interior is a matter of choice and selection. There are different styles in interiors like contemporary, classical, neoclassical, country etc. Each style is defined by specific design, material, finishes, colors and so on.

Residential interior has to be innovatively customized to suit individual lifestyle . With thousands of materials ,finishes ,accessories, furniture, furnishings, artifacts, paintings etc to choose from..

….,It is a specialist’s job to design, find and source the right products to achieve a stunning interior experience.

Luxury finishes could range from premium exotic veneers, gold or silver leafing/gilding works on woodwork or ceilings, very premium Italian marble for flooring or cladding ,surface finishes like lacquering with coat of lamination, use of precious or semi precious stones for decorative purposes etc the list is endless.

Use of technology has redefined the comfort and the luxury in interiors. Home automation involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), appliances, and security .It can be integrated in numerous ways like remote operated curtains, blinds..movement sensor based lighting and door opening devises etc..