Luxury High End

Luxury High End Residences

what is a luxury high end residence ? luxury residence is called so, for various reasons .

Technology has entered into every sphere of our lives and residence is also now part of this. Home automation is a broad word and it encompasses multiple aspects which make our lives safe, secure and more comfortable.

Basic home consists of kitchen ,bedrooms ,living and dining. In addition to that, luxury residences have home theater, spa and sauna rooms attached to bathrooms, gymnasium rooms, private terrace gardens, infinity pools, party halls and party lawns, separate space for servants, maids and drivers, recreation rooms, dry and wet kitchens, formal and informal dining areas, sensor and temperature controlled sanitary and plumbing accessories in bathrooms and kitchen, dimmer and sensor controlled mood lighting concepts etc…

Architectural design plays an important role in deciding the final outcome of all above aspects and giving that sophisticated yet pleasant look. A good design also redefines the overall experience of the space.

This requires a specialist who is good in handling residential architecture in specific.