Top Interior design trends for 2020

With each new year comes a new beginning — a new set of New Year’s Resolutions (that we may or may not achieve), a new attitude, a new look and of course, new interior design trends.

In 2019, we saw a rise in natural textile, maximalist art pieces and sustainable home decor. While some of the top trends in 2019 will continue to flourish into the next couple of years, there are some new eye-catching designs that will make their way into our home.  

Read on to find out the top home decor trends in 2020

Color: Bold Monochromatic Hues

Monochromatic colors are timeless. But this year, bold shades are going to be more popular, as people deviate from the overused minimalist feel. The best way to embrace this trend is using classic blue (the Pantone color of the year), Emerald Green and Dark Purple. An easy way to incorporate this trend into your living space is to sprinkle colour accent throughout the room so it feels cohesive. Remember to keep accessories and decors as close in colour as possible too!

Furniture: Mix of Old and New

This 2020, more people will be embracing this aesthetic to keep up with popular trends, while also keeping pieces that bring nostalgia to their interiors. Layering old pieces with contemporary furniture, not only does it stimulate nostalgia, but it also helps to strike a balance so that the room looks exceptionally elegant. To ensure your room is stylish — and not cluttered — include only pieces that adds character. 

One good technique to follow is the 80-20 principle. It’s pretty straightforward: 80% of the room elements go to one style, and the other gets the remaining 20%. If you choose to have more modern furniture then the accent pieces, like the console table, room dividers, and ottomans, should be vintage.

Material: Velvet and corduroy 

Textures are going to be big in 2020 when neutral interiors will be updated with different fabrics for a luxe look. Velvet is perhaps one of the most luxurious, decadent fabrics you can use, and it’s been seen a lot in fashion and household accessories. In 2020, there will be larger furniture items with velvet, such as bed bases and couches, and bold colors will be big, as well as on-trend terracotta and earthy tones.

If velvet isn’t practical for your home, try corduroy, which looks amazing in bright colors. Corduroy is hard-wearing and easy to wash, as well as having a soft, comfortable feel.

Decor: Plants, Plants

As more people realize the relaxed feel natural elements bring to the space, 2020 will see homes bringing in a lot more houseplant. If you’re considering bringing in bigger plants, use eye-catching pots to further accentuate them. Place them along natural sightlines. Mini plants can be positioned in groups on top of shelves or hung on a wall. You can also line them up in your stairs.

Space Use: Multi-Functional

In the last few years, open-floor layouts have become the norm. With fewer barriers, spaces are taking on a multi-functional approach. Kitchens with islands are no longer mere food preparation areas. They may also function as a dining room and sometimes, a workstation. Walk-in closets have also become home offices or vice versa. This year homeowners will be more intentional in making their spaces multi-functional to maximize rooms.

Did you like our post about the Interior design trends for 2020? Which of these are you definitely going to put in your home decor? Let us know in the comments!

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