A sky villa with Royalty and luxury

A sophisticated color combination and lots of elegant elements can create a restful vibe, which is inviting and luxurious at the same time. And this sky villa is an example of a design scheme where the simple, lavish and the comfortable meet, to create a space which is stylish and seamless. The Sky villa has been designed by kreative house, an architects and Interior design firm based at Hyderabad and Pune. This residence is a perfect example of a modest apartment in the lap of luxury and comfort.

An expansive living space

To begin with, the first word that enters our mind at first glance of the living room is expansive. The spacious and open living has an aura of largesse which adds to the sense of luxury that greets you once you step inside.

The grey couch with its golden throw pillows, drag the attention of the visitors which gives an inviting feel to them to take the seat. On other side bench in grey with wooden legs make a classic designer mark.

The Media room has been separated by Glass partition and three seater recliner sofa with projector and screen completes the look of the media room.

The dining space has been separated with the ceiling and designer chandelier. And the 6 seater round dining table is the perfect choice for the space.

Dreamy bedroom

This beautiful bedroom is impressive with its elegant wooden flooring. The bed is simple with high rise puffed headboard, but the wooden wave paneling on the wall behind the bed is unique and creates a beautiful effect. On the other side of the room is a magnificent seating area, decorated with these contemporary style armchairs. And the niche design on the wall behind the seating area attracts your eye.

Spacious balcony

The natural stone Buddha Statue is the main attraction in this balcony! The artificial grass turf has been even continued on the wall behind the statue, to give a smoothing and pleasant look for the space. The hanging planters and lamp from above is an excellent choice to match the ambiance of this little haven.  And the white painted wooden planter box with a small seating area completes the look of the balcony.

To explore more about this sky villa visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wQUR09yGtQ

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