How to Pick the Right Hob for your Dream Kitchen !!

Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen to function efficiently can be quite confusing when trying to find the best ones for you. Once you have decided on the design element of your kitchen, you will then need to consider how you would like your kitchen to function by choosing the appliances perfect for your needs and space. With frequent use, the hob is an important piece of kitchen equipment.

Hobs function quite similar to conventional cook tops except that they are built-in. Since it is fixed, the cooking space is firm and sturdy unlike a cook top. The surface design makes cleaning easy and simple.

Built-in hobs are usually 60cm wide and traditionally have four burners. The dimensions for the gap into which a hob fits will be smaller than the hob itself, as the hob overlaps and stands proud on the work surface. You’ll also see plenty of larger 70cm widths available with extra burners that can still fit into a 60cm cut-out by overlapping the work surface. If you have the space, there are 80cm and 90cm models available, too.

There are four different types of hobs.  Each with different functions and features depending on what suits you and the way you like to cook.

  1. Gas
    The traditional gas hobs create uniform flame, with cooking gas supplied from a cylinder or pipeline. Available in glass and steel materials, varying number of burners, as well as built-in options.

  1. Induction
    The Induction hobs, which use a magnetic field to create heat between the pan and hob, are known to be energy efficient, quick, and considered a cleaner choice.

  1. Glass
    These toughened glass cooktops are a visual and culinary delight. Perfect for contemporary kitchens, these are now the most popular hob type. Available with varying number of burners as well as built-in options


  1. Steel
    These classic cooktops never go out of style. Easy to clean and maintain, these are available with varying number of burner options as well as a choice of built-ins.

Things to consider

Expect to find the following on all built-in hobs:

  • Child-safety controls Touch controls that can be locked to prevent children altering settings or switching on the hob.
  • Fish kettle/casserole zone Elongated cooking zone that can accommodate a fish kettle or long casserole dish.
  • Range of heat outputs Low to maintain a good simmer and high for quick heating/ stir-frying etc.
  • Removable controls For easy cleaning.
  • Ultra rapid burners For bringing water to the boil or frying food in a wok.

Expect to find the following on gas hobs only:

  • Automatic ignition will spark gas alight when controls are turned and pushed in.
  • Coated pan supports Much easier to clean than bare stainless steel.
  • Flame failure protection If the burner goes out accidentally, flame will re-light automatically or gas stops running.
  • Overspill protection Detects when liquid has boiled over and turns the power off.
  • Removable pan supports Can be taken apart and washed. Consider weight and robustness.

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