Stylish Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas: The designing of a modular kitchen is an art that requires making the best use of the available space. When it comes to planning the kitchen, the design needs a lot of thought since it is one of the most used areas of the home. All the kitchens they have created are aesthetically pleasing, with attractive colour schemes, smart cabinets, and above all, ample space for movement. Have a look and get inspired!

Comfort packed in an L-shaped layout

This L-shape modular kitchen has two tall units on both ends of the kitchen counter, a rolling shutter cabinet for the gadgets and floor and wall cabinets to keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free. The combination of yellow and white is eye-catching. The sturdy steel handles offer excellent grip and add to the sleekness. The use of polycoat paint brings a lovely sheen and vibrancy to the kitchen.

The view of the kitchen from a different angle

The tall two-door unit is designed to hide the gas cylinder in the lower chamber and to keep the washing machine out of sight.

Eclectic kitchen in a smart colour combination

Modern grey wall cabinets, vibrant green floor cabinets and a white gadget garage sandwiched between them enhances the stylishness of this kitchen. The wooden breakfast bar with its laser-cut, backlit panel glitters to grab attention. It extends to form open shelves on the side, besides partitioning the kitchen from the dining room. The handle-free design of the kitchen cabinets enhances the sleekness.

Chic and contemporary

The combination of grey and white is en vogue and will likely remain that way for a while. This parallel kitchen is a style statement with its handle-free kitchen cabinets, beige backsplash and ample natural light filtering in through the French window.

Spacious U-shape kitchen

Here, the U-shape kitchen is designed to perfection with a breakfast bar separating the kitchen from the common area of the house. The contrasting colours on the wall and floor cabinets are attractive. The kitchen gets a lively look due to the mosaic tiles adorning the backsplash area on the wall.

Functional and practical kitchen

The attractive combination of white and blue in this functional kitchen creates a soothing space. The wall and floor cabinets with a combination of drawers and open shelves are quite practical and convenient for storage and easy access. The backlit, laser-cut wood panel glimmering below the partition cum breakfast bar makes quite an impression, enhancing the beauty of the kitchen.

Ultramodern smart kitchen

The white quartz counter-top, blue glass backsplash, roller shutter on the tall unit, wicker basket drawers below it, acrylic Venetian blinds on the window and the LED lights illuminating the skirting all come together to make this kitchen shine. It stylishly flaunts the ultramodern amenities and materials used to build it.

Here kreative House provides the most popular designs around the world and could become an essential part of your design room too.

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