Cabinets in Motion: Get impressed!!

Using the latest in motion-detection and touch-sensitive technology, cabinet doors and drawers glide open—and shut—in response to movement or the slightest touch. Small motors activate the doors. Motion sensors are set so that your hand must be within an inch of the sensor, which prevents doors from accidentally opening as you walk past.

The technology can extend to other areas of the house, such as using automated doors to create hidden storage behind paneled walls in the living room.

Cabinetry-in-motion features

Custom cabinet offers a creative approach with a luxury custom line with ultra-modern automated features that you can dress in any style.

  • Sliding doors.Motion sensors detect the wave of your hand near the cabinet you want to access and the panels comprising the door slide upward to reveal the contents. Wave your hand again and the door closes. Doors can also hide integrated top-of-the-line appliances and slide open when you need them.
  • Dynamic drawers.Simply touch the front of the drawer that you want to access, and it glides open. Touch it again and it closes.
  • Fingerprint security.You can also integrate biometric locks, which “recognize” your fingerprint and allow only authorized users access to the contents.

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