Choose the Right Kitchen Appliances !!

Appliances, alone, do not make a kitchen. But, they are the most important aspect of your kitchen. Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen to function efficiently can be quite confusing when trying to find the best ones for you. Follow the guide below on choosing the ideal appliance given your space and requirement.

  • Hob

With frequent use, the hob is an important piece of kitchen equipment. Based on the way you like to cook, you can choose whether you like to go with gas hob or induction. In India, maximum people will go with traditional glass hob, which create uniform flame, with cooking gas supplied from a cylinder or pipeline. And it is available in glass and steel materials, varying number of burners, as well as built-in options.

  • Chimney

Kitchen chimney is an appliance that absorbs smoke, fumes from kitchen and makes kitchen clean and oil, smoke free. In fact, modern kitchen chimney adds style and decor to your modular kitchen. There are different types of chimney based on size, filter types, design, and ducting. So choose the chimney that fits your needs

  • Ovens: 

The options are endless in ovens: wall ovens, double ovens, and even ovens with warming drawers. In a modular kitchen, the wall oven is extremely popular as they save significant floor space. The wall oven adds to the modern look and ensures the baking and cooking areas of the kitchen are separate.

  • Refrigerators

The next large appliance is the refrigerator. It takes up significant visual space, and you have to really assess how much food needs to be stored while using the kitchen. The refrigerator is the one appliance that is running all the time, and it prevents the food from spoiling or rotting. Depending on the space allowed, you can either go for a single door or a double door fridge to store your food. Side-By-Side refrigerators are usually the easiest to organize, while smaller models have narrower freezers. Therefore, in choosing the refrigerator assesses the space and storage required to find the perfect fit.

  • Microwaves

The next step is the microwave. There are a variety of microwaves available, but first things first: where is it going to be placed? This question alone allows you to answer whether it should be placed on the counter or built-in. The built-in microwaves require finalization in the design process, and they save more space, while microwaves placed on the counter take up space, yet allow more flexibility in choosing the size and of your preference.

  • Dishwasher

Dishwashers range from high-end international models to more economical options. When finalizing one for your kitchen, ensure the dishwashers are quieter, making less noise to avoid disruption within the home. Also ensure the dishwashers are eco-friendly or have an eco-friendly option to use less power within the home. With a modular kitchen, space will be created for a dishwasher within the kitchen design. While doing so, make sure the dishwasher you desire fits below the counter and in between the cabinetry.

  • Sinks

The sink might not be the most prominent kitchen element but it provides so much more than water. Important things to consider here are the sink material and garbage disposal. What also matters is the shape, size, and depth of the sink. There are various types, ranging from single, double-bowled or three-part sinks that usually have one smaller side that houses the garbage disposal. Even for tiny kitchens, there’s no need to worry as now, there are cleverly designed corner sinks that make use of those underutilized kitchen corners and save more counter space.


The kitchen appliances are just as important as the design. They enhance the processes and are meant to ease the user experience. While choosing your appliances, ensure they complement your design, enhance your space, and ease the routine!



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