A House with Royalty and Luxury!

At some point in everyone’s life we think about our ideal home. We dream about what it will look like; the colours, the layout and the decor. A lot of planning and preparation goes into making a house. We spend most of our time thinking about the interiors and that we often tend to forget the exteriors of the house. Along with due consideration to the interiors, we should also consider that exteriors is that part of the house which grabs immediate attention. An exterior first thing that anyone sees from the street. It sets the expectations for what is to follow inside the house, both in terms of style and design.

While most homeowners look at exterior design as an element that adds beauty to the home’s exteriors, it also plays a functional role as it acts as the skin of the house and can contribute to managing the temperature in the interiors or protecting the house from the natural elements.

This house designed by Kreativehouse is the perfect example for the ideal building exterior elevation where it maintains a balance between aesthetics and functionality.


Large windows:

Large windows has been used which provide visual access to the outdoors, allow in natural daylight and can provide fresh air and air circulation. And also gives luxurious look for the exteriors.

Travtine Marble:

Travertine are perfect for cladding a exterior: external walls in this magical material always seem to glow in their own light.

External walls require strong materials capable of withstanding the most varied atmospheric elements without deterioration while remaining beautiful: travertines are always the right choice for their natural elegance and proven imperviousness to outdoor conditions.

A perfect balcony:

The double height balcony with glass railing has been designed which not only gives a lavish look the exterior but also bring the ample sunlight in to the home.

And this double height balcony had been highlighted with SHERA Board coated with veneer. And this SHERA Board is water resistant, insect and rot resistant and therefore requires very little maintenance. It can be used for both exterior and interior applications.

Hope you are inspired with this design of the building.

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