Latest Doors and Window trends for you house!!

The doors and windows are key elements of the comfort and efficiency of the home, but they also have a big impact on your home’s appearance. Not only will they significantly up your curb appeal, they can easily become a room’s focal point. When we see the current trend for door and windows, many homeowners are opting for a more minimalistic look with clean lines, dark colors, and lots of glass.

Clean lines:

Most of the home owners are seeking squared-off edges and crisp lines. In many cases, they are desiring the look of aluminum/steel-framed storefront windows. This trend is increasing the use of casement windows over double hung units. While accent windows above the main windows or in exterior doors remain popular, homeowners are choosing more square and rectangle-shaped windows. The familiar arch topped and curved shaped windows seem dated in many newer home styles.

Black hues:


One of the biggest trends in doors and windows is black. It has long been an interior design recommendation that every room should have a bit of black. Why not black windows or a black door? The trend can veer dramatic or, when combined with white or natural trim, be more subtle and create a modern look.

Expansive glass:

The growth in outdoor living has driven demand for opening glass walls and lift-and-slide doors and larger windows mulled together. From French doors to multi-panel patio door as well as custom combinations, it seems like the more glass the better. With dramatic views and increased natural light, expansive glass is a great way to combine indoor and outdoor living.

Natural Wood:

Many homeowners are getting back to nature a bit and opting for the rich warmth of real wood doors and windows. Traditionally, wood windows were made out of pine but today they are made from a variety of different prefinished woods, including cherry and maple. For homeowners that like the look of wood but not the upkeep, many manufacturers offer vinyl and fiberglass door and window options that very closely mimic the look of real wood.

Energy efficiency:

What good are beautiful doors and windows if they don’t protect your home and keep your family comfortable? While some consider this a continuing trend, energy efficiency is truly a “must have” feature when choosing new doors and windows. ENERGY STAR® certification has become an expectation and a requirement for many Home owners.


As homeowners continue to seek out simplicity, efficiency, and beauty throughout their homes, expect windows and doors to be no exception. It’s best to consult with professionals before making any final decision for your home.

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