Spacious and modern bathrooms are now an integral part of contemporary homes. They are no longer neglected dark, dingy rooms at the far end of the house. Floor and wall tiles play an essential role along with other sanitary fittings and accessories in beautifying bathrooms. With the large variety of options of tiles available today in terms of colours, shapes, designs, textures and finish, choosing the right tile is not an easy task. The ideal tile can enhance the environment of the bathroom while adding the illusion of dimension and width to cramped spaces. From being a functional element in the bathroom, tiles are now used on bathroom walls and floors as an alternative to concrete and other traditional materials. Here, our bathroom designers have showcased trending tile designs that are gaining popularity among homeowners for their finish, sophistication, durability and style.

1. Tiles with Graphic Patterns

Tiles with graphic patterns, on the walls and floor, add charm and colour to any room. From bold geometric patterns to subtle monochrome shades, many modern bathrooms are designed with a mix of plain and graphic tiles. Some designers also combine patterned tiles with concrete to form a unique look.

2. Minimalist white tiles

All-white bathrooms need not be Scandinavian style as white continues to remain an integral part of contemporary bathrooms in various design styles. Besides being a neutral tone, white blends well with other neutrals like beige, black and grey, creating lovely combinations. In this modern bathroom, both beige and white make an enchanting partnership to create a sleek and stylish look.

3. Matte Finish Granite Tiles

Granite is a tile made of igneous rock that has been used for many years to beautify the interiors of homes. It is considered a durable material. Granite tiles are commonly used to improve the elegance and quality of interior floors, as they are robust, versatile and attractive due to their beautiful texture and pattern. The water-resistant features and allergy-resistant properties of these tiles make them the best tile choice for a stylish and luxurious bathroom with a minimalist theme.

4. Multi-dimensional tiles

For those who want to add drama and colour to the bathroom, using tiles with multiple shapes and dimensions like hexagons or octagons is a great idea. When laid in a particular sequence or pattern, it can bring an element of fun and excitement to dull bathrooms.

5. The beauty of marble tiles

Marble brings to mind the glittering white structure of the Taj Mahal, but it can be used for tiling the bathroom floor and walls as well. The classic beauty of marble is visible in the unique colour and style in the different varieties available across the world. The neutral gloss and finish of marble help the stone’s inner beauty to shine through in tiles, creating a luxurious look.

6. Sandstone tiles

Due to their dynamic and versatile designs, sandstone tiles have become a favourite, especially for bathroom floors. These tiles, known for durability and practicality, also give a luxurious touch to the modern bathroom. Sandstone tiles can create an ideal setting that is both environmentally friendly and colourful, distinguishing the bathroom from the rest of the house.

7. Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are usually set around the shower area to give a stylish look to the bathroom. Also referred to as mosaic tiles, using these tiles on the walls adds a contemporary touch to the bathroom, especially when combined with large floor tiles. As glass tiles are available in a wide range of colours and shades, they can also be used to create a spa-like effect around showers or bathtubs without overpowering the aesthetics of the bathroom.

8. Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are preferred over vinyl sheets now as they are easier to fix and do not require messy thin-set or mortar for sticking. They are sturdy and don’t absorb moisture, which makes them ideal for bathroom floors and walls. Vinyl requires minimum maintenance and are less noisy than ceramic or hardwood floors.

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